General Information

Types of Surgical Procedure

Procedure Room / Outpatient Procedure

Performed with local anesthetic in one of the purpose built procedure rooms adjacent to the consulting rooms in Belair. There is no admission to hospital or hospital fee but a procedure fee is charged (This is not claimable from your health fund). You are free to eat and drink as normal on the day of your procedure.

Day Case Surgery

Day case surgery involves an admission to hospital but you may leave the same day and are not required to stay in. This involves a local anesthetic or an anesthetist may give either sedation or a general anesthetic. Dr Potter will advise whether your surgery is suitable to be performed as a day case. Day case surgery may be performed at Flinders Private Hospital, Stirling Hospital, Seaford Day Hospital or Calvary Wakefield Hospital.

In Patient Stay Surgery

Some operations require you to stay overnight in hospital, or for several days. Dr. Potter will advise you whether your operation requires an overnight stay. In patient surgery may be performed at Flinders Private Hospital, Calvary Wakefield Hospital, and Stirling Hospital.


It is important that we have an up to date list of your current medications. Some medications may affect your surgery or anesthetic and may need to be stopped prior to surgery. Alternatively the type of surgery or anesthetic may need to be modified to accommodate your other treatment. Dr Potter will discuss this with you at your consultation.

Health Insurance Funding

Funding for surgical procedures is now determined by health insurance companies on the basis of ‘tiered levels’ of cover.  The levels of cover are Platinum (top), Gold, Silver, Bronze and Basic/extras. All procedures/operations have a required minimum cover for them to be funded, and there may be restrictions on the type of operations that are covered (e.g. out patient procedures or cosmetic procedures).  Information on this website is provided as a guide only and specific approval must be sought from your health fund.